I have a special place in my heart for this girl!! She was born on my birthday, and was the first of four from her litter to finish her AKC Grand Championship! The sky is the limit with this one!!

Born: July 4, 2018

Sire: AKC GCHG/CAN GCH DV9K9's Talvi Lahja

Dam: GCH Dv9K9 Got Spitz Smokin' Hot Party Gal

​CH Got Spitz The Joke's On You

​​​​​GCH Got Spitz Celebration!



Helle is my first Finkie girl. Another product of DV9K9's amazing breeding program! In 2017 she finished her AKC Championship just days before her son, Max. She has produced four gorgeous litters, which has earned her a cushy retirement!

Born December 24, 2013

Sire: GCH DV9K9's Royal Star

Dam: GCH DV9K9's Dazzling Winter Wonderland

Born April 1, 2017

Sire: GCHS DV9K9's Talvi Lahja

​Dam: CH DV9K9 Got Spitz Smokin' Hot Party Gal

GCH DV9K9 Got Spitz Smokin' Hot Party Gal

FSCA National 2017 Award of Merit

BPISS FSCA National 2017

got spitz?

AKC GCH-Gold/CKC GCH DV9K9's Talvi Lahja

​finnish spitz


MAX!! My first Bred-by boy, at the age of 6 months, finished his AKC Championship in two weekends of shows, NUTS! And his first day out as a special, was awarded Best of Breed over Daddy Zoom, INSANE! And it gets better... the very next month he was Best Puppy in Show at the National Specialty, and took First Award of Merit behind Daddy Zoom!! It happened so fast! I am so blessed! Can't wait for this guy to mature. 

Zoom, my Finnish Spitz, comes from Michelle Leathers kennel, DV9K9 (Divine Canine) Finnish Spitz. I feel so blessed by Michelle's generosity when she allowed us to make him a part of our family. Zoom has been my Rock Star! He is the youngest Silver Grand Champion Finnish Spitz in AKC history. In 2018, we finished his Canadian Kennel Club Championship in three days, and shot to #1 All -Breed with three group placements in one weekend of showing! WOW!! 

​Born​ September 21, 1015

Sire: GCH Triscole Lokki

​Dam: DV9K9's Victorious Fox

​The Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland.​ This flame-colored hunter, a sight-hound, packs plenty of dog into a small, well-balanced frame. 'Finkies' are easily recognized by their dense coat of glorious golden-red, a foxy face projecting a lively expression, and a curving plumed tail. In silhouette Finkies present a squarely symmetrical picture, and they move with a bold and brisk gait that suggests their innate fearlessness
The breed needs a fenced in yard when not indoors or on a leash due to the breed’s tendency to explore. A lively, friendly dog, the Finnish Spitz enjoys being active and spending time with his family. He is good-natured and enjoys children, although may be initially cautious with strangers. The breed requires moderate exercise. Finnish Spitz are excellent about alerting you to intruders - whether it be wildlife, other pets, or people.

​helle (retired)

AKC ​CH/CKC CH Got Spitz Liberties Gift

Born November 24, 2017

Sire: GCHG DV9K9's Red Hot Star

Dam: GCH DV9K9 Got Spitz Smokin' Hot Party Gal

​Group 2  Bred-by-Exhibitor 2019 AKC National

Multiple BIS - International



Multiple RBISOH - AKC

FSCA National 2017 Select Dog

FSCA National Award of Merit 2016 & 2015

Westminster Select Dog 2017

Westminster Award of Merit 2018

​Westminster Best of Breed 2019