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  • And it just keeps getting better....Zoom 2019's Best of Breed winner at Westminster Kennel Club dog show in the Big Apple!! It took some creative combing and a gallon of hairspray to hold his coat together, but he still went out and dazzled.
  • Final statistics are out...Zoom is the #1 Finnish Spitz in America and Canada for 2018!! I am in awe of this fuzzy red goof! He goes out every weekend and has FUN, and makes it fun for everyone! Couldn't ask for more!
  • Our 2018 finished with a BANG!! Zoom was Best of Breed at the AKC National Championship!! So truely blessed by this boy!!
  • With our second litter growing up quickly, keep your eyes peeled for the newbies in the show ring this spring! Juhla and KiMi will be competing here in the Pacific Northwest, while Tyttomme with be floating between Oregon and Colorado, and Heimo will be down in sunny Arizona!
  • It is with great pleasure I announce the arrival of our first Got Spitz? litter!! Helle free whelped her first litter of three boys and one girl on April 1, 2017. Emails have been sent out to perspective families!! We can't wait to see how these pups develop!
  • ​​​What a whirlwind weekend in the Big Apple!! We bring home a Select Dog ribbon and some amazing memories from Westminster 2017 . Zoom was the best ambassador for this uncommon breed!! He posed for a hundred photos and melted a thousand hearts! And all without the characteristic vocalizations innate to this breed. I couldn't be more proud of him!!
  • 2017 Started out with a BANG!! At our first International Dog Show, Zoom was awarded TWO Best-In-Shows!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!
  • 2016 was a banner year for my fur babies! Zoom continues to excel in his breed, finishing up #1 Grand Champion, #2 Breed, #6 All Breed and #1 Owner Handled for the second year in a row! The AKC Nationals in December didn't disappoint with a BOS (day 1) BOB (day 2) Select Dog (day 3) BOBOH  (day 4) and Select Dog (day 5) I am hoping next year more of the kids can compete at this prestigious event! Saaki was slated to compete in the Owner-Handled finals as the #3 dog, but a snow storm made travel impossible to transport animals as cargo on the plane, and I could only fit one beneath my feet. We'll get 'em next year!!
  • ​​We can't be more excited about our upcoming journey to the 2015 AKC/Eukaneuba Championship Dog show!! Zoom and Saaki will be competing again this year, only from a little different angle. Saaki now a finished champion will have the nations best to compete against, and Zoom and I will have the National Owner-Handled Series Finals to do as well! I still can't believe that we are the #1 Owner-Handled Finnish Spitz team in the nation! What an honor!!

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It all started innocently enough, my family wanted something to do on the weekends. Sounds simple, right? But now, it has become my passion! The family still has fun on our weekend excursions, but the love of showing my beautiful dogs has grown into so much more for me in the last five years.



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